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November 15, 2017

Girls' Clubs and Empowerment Programmes

"This note highlights examples of girls’ clubs that have led to increasingly gender equitable attitudes and practices, from programmes in Burkina Faso to Bangladesh." This research and practice note...

November 9, 2017

Youth Participation in HIV and Sexual and Reproductive Health Decision-Making, Policies, Programmes: Perspectives from the Field

This study presents and analyses evidence the effectiveness of youth participation on HIV and sexual and reproductive health (SRH) decision-making, policies, and programmes as well as the experience...

November 8, 2017

Youth Leadership: An Annotated Bibliography and Reflections and Recommendations from the Evidence Base

"While young people, especially those under 18 years old, may often be excluded from a number of formal political leadership roles, such as running for office, the studies make a case for...

November 8, 2017

Art, Development and Peace: Working with Adolescents Living in Internally Displaced People's Camps in Mindanao

"This study shows how the collaborative forms of art and media used by the programme are avenues for the inclusion of adolescents in the post-emergency response, as they offer them a channel to both...

November 7, 2017

Working with Young Key Populations in a Hostile Legal, Socio-cultural and Political Environment

This case study looks at the experience of Alliance Burundaise Contre le SIDA (ABS) implementing the Link Up project in Burundi. Link-Up was a five-country project (2013-2016) that was designed to...

November 3, 2017

Young at Heart: How to Be Youth-Centred in the 21st Century

This document describes the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF)'s journey of youth services and participation. IPPF's Strategic Framework (2016-2022) shows how the Federation is...

November 1, 2017

Peace Corps Youth Clubs Toolkit

Created as part of the Peace Corps' Let Girls Learn programme, this toolkit provides guidance, checklists, and tools to support the implementation of youth clubs. Evidence shows that extended...

October 26, 2017

Adolescent Perspectives on Services and Programmes in Conflict-Affected Contexts: A Participatory Research Toolkit

This resource provides an overview of participatory research tools to be used in conflict-affected areas. These tools have been developed by GAGE (Gender and Adolescents: Global Evidence) as part of...

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Date Title
2017-11-13 The Drum Beat 746 - Communication and Change News and Issues
2017-10-20 The Drum Beat 745 - Partnering with Faith-Based/Religious Organisations
2017-10-09 The Soul Beat 270 - Protecting Girls from Child Marriage and FGM
2017-10-05 The Drum Beat 744 - Communication and Change News and Issues
2017-09-15 The Drum Beat 743 - Seeking Your Support; Thanking Those Supporting - The Communication Initiative
2017-09-05 The Drum Beat 742 - Hopes and Fears: Polio Opinion and Essentials
2017-08-22 Son de Tambora 315 - Nuevo Sitio Temático sobre los Objetivos de Desarrollo Sostenible
2017-08-21 The Drum Beat 741 - The State of C4D in Academic Institutions
2017-08-07 The Drum Beat 740 - Governance in Community Decision-Making Related to Polio Immunisation
2017-08-07 The Soul Beat 269 - Promoting Good Nutrition for Mothers and Children in Africa
2017-08-05 Son de Tambora 314 - Fundamentación y evidencia. Nuevo sitio temático
2017-08-03 SON DE TAMBORA - 152 - "Sin comunicación no hay desarrollo"
2017-07-21 The Drum Beat 739 - Communication and Change News and Issues
2017-07-06 The Drum Beat 738 - Unpacking the Concept of Civic Space
2017-06-14 The Drum Beat 737 - Managing Knowledge for Health and Development
2017-06-12 The Soul Beat 268 - Media (for) Development in Africa
2017-06-05 The Drum Beat 736 - Polio in Ukraine through a Social Media Lens
2017-05-23 The Drum Beat 735 - Gendered Lenses on Healthy Communication
2017-05-10 The Drum Beat 734 - Communicating on Climate Change
2017-04-25 The Drum Beat 733 - Global Health Stories
2017-04-10 The Soul Beat 267 - Communicating for Food Security and Agriculture in Africa
2017-04-04 The Drum Beat 732 - Thanking and Inviting CI Associates
2017-03-21 The Drum Beat 731 - Facets of Polio Communication
2017-03-02 The Drum Beat 730 - Communication and Change News and Issues
2017-02-16 The Drum Beat 729 - Communicating to Counter Violent Extremism
2017-02-13 The Soul Beat 266 - Promoting the Sexual and Reproductive Health of Young People in Africa
2017-02-07 The Drum Beat 728 - Health Communication
2017-01-23 The Drum Beat 727 - Harnessing and Opening Data for Development
2017-01-05 The Drum Beat 726 - Communication and Change News and Issues
2016-12-13 The Drum Beat 725 - Communication and Change News and Issues
2016-12-12 The Soul Beat 265 - Communication and Media News and Issues
2016-11-28 The Drum Beat 724 - Thanking and Inviting CI Associates
2016-11-14 The Drum Beat 723 - Communication to Address Violence against Women and Girls
2016-10-24 The Drum Beat 722 - Communication and Change News and Issues
2016-10-11 The Drum Beat 721 - Participation and Power
2016-10-10 The Soul Beat 264 - Media and Communication for Children's Rights
2016-09-23 The Drum Beat 720 - Communication and Change News and Issues
2016-09-09 The Drum Beat 719 - Opening Access to Polio Communication Research
2016-08-29 The Drum Beat 718 - Bloggers Speak Out
2016-08-09 The Drum Beat 717 - Connecting (with) Refugees
2016-08-05 The Soul Beat 263 - Edutainment for Social Change in Africa
2016-07-01 The Drum Beat 716 - Communication and Change News and Issues
2016-06-27 The Drum Beat 715 - Family Planning in Focus
2016-06-21 The Drum Beat 714 - Communication and Change News and Issues
2016-06-13 The Soul Beat 262 - Media and Communication for Good Governance in Africa
2016-06-03 The Drum Beat 713 - Inside the Vial: Communicating about Particular Polio Preventives
2016-05-17 The Drum Beat 712 - Thanking and Inviting CI Associates
2016-05-04 The Drum Beat 711 - Communicating for the SDGs
2016-04-22 The Drum Beat 710 - Malaria Communication Research
2016-04-11 The Soul Beat 261 - Addressing Gender-Based Violence Through Media and Communication

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October 18, 2017

"Budget literacy is defined as 'the ability to read, decipher, and understand public budgets to enable and enhance meaningful citizen...

October 17, 2017

"Training can have diverse goals, objectives, and audiences. Therefore, it's important to consider a participant's context, needs, and...

October 17, 2017

"Achieving gender equality is a long and slow process and those who step forward to challenge the status quo are often threatened and...

October 16, 2017

"Women working in global supply chains, many of whom are young and undereducated migrants, have limited health knowledge and often lack access...

October 13, 2017

What does Positive Youth Development (PYD) look like in HIV/AIDS and sexual and reproductive health (SRH) programming in low- and middle-income...

October 12, 2017

“In spite of the dramatic success of HIV treatment programs around the world, children remain under-tested, and are thus denied access to...

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