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This BBC Media Action Data Portal is designed as a resource centre for the organisation's reports and data from across Africa, Asia and the Middle East over the past five years. The portal features reports, visualisations, tools and data from BBC Media Action’s research which covers more than 100,000 people in 13 countries. It has images and data organised by three themes, each offering the opportunity for the reader to explore data and review the studies that support the figures.

The site organisation includes the following at the time of launch (March 2017):

  • "Understand People for effective Change" with options of explotring data by theme (resilience, governence, media or by country (included countries at launch: Kenya, Nigeria, Palestinian Territories, Bangladesh, Sierra Leone, China, India,  Vietnam, Pakistan, Tanzania, Nepal, Myanmar, and Indonesia
  • "How can this data be helpful?" - "Understanding your audience is critical to implementing any development plan or project. Knowing someone’s age, gender, location, income, and education only gives you part of their story. It is also important to consider what people know and believe about something, how they feel about it and what they are already doing about it."

The site then offers the data sets. For example, in examining the theme "resilience", there is data from a 2012-2013 Climate Asia investigation among "30,000 people across seven Asian countries to determine how media could play a role in supporting people. The research data for Vietnam was used by the state TV station, VTV, to produce programmes that addressed concerns about climate change." The data is supported by a case study here that describes the research, the group studied,the action and the outcome.

According to its description: "BBC Media Action’s goal is to help people make sense of events, engage in dialogue and take action to improve their lives. It works with broadcasters, governments, non-governmental organisations and donors to share reliable, timely and useful information."

This related blog, "Five questions our data portal can help answer," details much of what the portal can do including: "For extra guidance on navigating the portal, take a look at our ‘How-to’ section, as well as our ‘walkthrough’ and ‘running a query’ videos." See also: "Getting data on the lives of ordinary people in the developing world" 


Email from Anja Venth, April 5 2017.