Your video interviews - please! #SBCCSummit

Hi - as part of the communications process for the Summit we are asking everyone attending to conduct some short interviews of a few of their fellow participants and post them to your social media feeds. Please tag them with #SBCCSummit. As well as their inherent value  they will also be reviewed by the Outputs committee for possible inclusion in a series of snappy online videos. (If you are not at the Summit but have expressed strong interest do please conduct interviews of people in your context who may be able to inform your work. They would be most welcomed.) 


We are asking everyone at the Summit to upload to their social media accounts, tagged with #SBCCSummit, at least 5 interviews (one per day) of their fellow participants.      


The theme of the Summit is What Works? As we all listen to presentations, hear questions and conversations and mix with other participants we will all be making mental notes about the ideas, data and programmes that may help each of us improve the impact of our work.

We are asking that once per day (feel free to do more if you wish!) you ask the people sharing the ideas, data and programme insights that attract your attention if you can interview them for a few minutes on your phone. if they agree please ask them the most relevant questions from your perspective. Then post those to your social media account(s)

Of course some people for any number of reasons may not have smart phones with them.So, if you have such a phone and can share, that would be tremendous. We have been assured that the wifi connection is excellent. Please upload your interviews during the Summit.  


1. We hope that this supports you with sharing and advocating for your work - as this will provide a direct link to your networks of course, but with the link to the Summit for added emphasis.


2. We wanted to find a common way in which to share your perspectives on the issues and ideas that most concern you - to help build the Summit from your analysis.

3. There will be 1,200 plus people present and hundreds of sessions at the Summit - we wanted to ensure that your voices are also heard in the social media space.

4. Critical review is a vital element when seeking to grow and strengthen any field of work - structuring this around your interviews with your questions supports that critical review theme at the Summit.

5. The presence of these interviews in so many social media feeds will be a significant part of amplifying the impact of this Summit.

6. The interviews will last long after the Summit is finished - they provide the Summit with an extended life!

7. As mentioned above, the Outputs group for the Summit is planning to produce a series of short, snappy videos about the Summit. They will be reviewing the interviews for possible inclusion.

Thanks - would be excellent if everyone could do this. Most happy to answer any questions. #SBCCSummit

Warren (on behalf of the Communications group)